Testimonials from EvenFlow Clients


Find out what parents and drivers have to say about how we have helped them improve.

Sandro Ballersteros and Dad Antonio

"Just to say thanks again for a fab, constructive and fun day with Sandro. He has told everyone all about it, and telling his grandma came out with another gem. " Do you know that Terence is short for terrifically cool". Obviously you have made a big impression on him."

Antonio Ballesteros - Father of Sandro Bambino Driver

Dorian Mansilla - Junior Driver Argentina

".... just for your delight Dorian Won his first final race yesterday!!,And you’re part of it!! thanks for your 1st fine report!!!."

Quique Mansilla - Father of Dorian Mansilla and Argentine Racing Driver

Shea Pearce and Dad Mike - Top 10 Junior TKM


"Shea was always a mid pack runner which was fine until I noticed that some of his peers who passed their ARKS tests around the same time were continually finishing ahead of him, and more worrying was that Shea appeared to have arrived at a plateau and wasn’t improving.


I was exploring the Karting1.co.uk website and read some of the driver guides published by Terence, I made contact and provided a summary of Shea’s results at that time and following a brief e-mail exchange we met with Terence at a circuit for a day’s initial coaching.


The day was spent improving Shea’s braking technique and after a shaky start the signs were encouraging. At the next race meeting I was shocked to see just how much difference to Shea that single coaching session had made. He was attacking the braking zones and out braking a number of his peers successfully enabling the overtake.


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Jack Partridge - 2012 Junior TKM Champion

'Over the past few years I have worked very closely with Terence. He has played a crucial part in making sure I am the best I can be and helped take me to my first national championship. In my opinion, Terence is one of the best driver coaches in the world of karting.'

Rory Elliott Junior Rotax Malaysia

"Rory races in Singapore and Malaysia, and we sought training from Terence in the UK to refine Rory's technique and most important increase his confidence and self belief.  Since then Rory's overtaking and aggression on track have been transformed to the point where his race starts are a true strength and he rarely misses an opportunity to overtake – frequently pulling off some very tough moves.  This has transformed his racing and improved his self-belief and enjoyment."


Keep up with Rory's progress in Malaysia and Singapore here

Trevyn-Jay Nelson, Works Zip Young Gun Cadet

"We first asked Terence Dove to come to Spain and Coach T-Jay aged seven, Terence spent a full week at the Mijas Circuit working on Trevyn´s confidence and helped him with the technical aspects of driving a cadet kart.

We then brought Terry back again for another week where we tested at 3 different circuits prior to T-Jay competing in the Andaluacian Championships,  at this time Terry convinced us to bring Trevyn to race in the UK in order to fulfil his potential as a young racing Driver, and with Terence's help T-Jay arrived in the UK with a bang!

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Alex Hawkridge - Toleman F1 - iZone

Alex Hawkridge, Toleman F1

"I have worked in high level motor sport for for over 45 years and in 1984, as Boss of the Toleman F1 Team, I signed the legendary Ayrton Senna as my lead driver during his first season in Formula 1. Many of my key staff, like designer Rory Byrne at Ferrari who won 7 World Championships with Michael Schumacher and Pat Symonds, who was Schumacher's Engineer at Benetton winning 2 World Championship and 2 more with Fernando Alonso at Renault. I am a good judge of Talent in Racing.

I have enjoyed watching Terence Dove working as coach and mentor with quite diverse types of drivers and a variety of key issues and I have worked closely with him in Karting. His approach is to really understand the driver and how he is driving and how he is thinking and then to communicate, in exactly the most appropriate way, to bring about the change in attitude, approach and technique desired. He does this both at and way from the track. He is always ready to take a call from his young charges and give support and advice whenever it is sought.

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Ash Hand's Father Brendan - 2009 Junior Rotax Kartmasters Winner

"We approached Terence to give Ash some coaching during the early stages of his karting career. Ash started karting relatively late as a Mini Max, so we felt Ash needed some professional coaching because the vast majority of Ash's competitors had already spent years in the cadet class giving them a huge advantage over us.

Terence very quickly identified Ash as a particularly talented driver and quickly brought him up to speed with the driving techniques he needed to advance quickly up the ranks.

Ash has continued to build on the excellent foundation provided by Terence, this training / coaching dramatically improved his ability to understand what was happening in the kart and drivers behaviour around him which meant he had to think not just drive around the track. This enabled him to give constructive feedback and  accelerate his driving ability to get to the front of the grid in a very short time.

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Jack Dex - Rotax British Championship and European Front-Runner

"Terence came up to me when I was a young bandit with yellow pods and helped me get my jade lit up round my local tracks. He taught me to smooth out my aggresive style and some great techniques on how to be smooth, how to brake as late as possible and how to get the best starts! He also helped my posture in the kart and not only become faster but also became less bandit!

I would like to thank Terence for all his help and his interest in my progress over the last 5 years! And for convincing my Dad to get me a new kart and getting me in Super 1!!"

Jack Dex - Rotax Max Driver for Dan Holland Racing


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Michael Epps - Leading Rotax Max Driver

When I met with Terence for the first time he had a very supportive approach towards helping me get better, he watched me out there in my first session and immediately focused on the little niggly bits to perfect my driving style. This wasn't the best bit though, he taught me to teach myself. I noticed that I could analyse more about my own driving and correct it during the session now that I understand more of how each movement affects the kart. From that day onwards I had a better ability to teach myself as he gave me a better and more progressive attitude to improving. He also taught my Mum and Dad a little more about the sport and where I should go with it now he has seen my driving and gave them and me really good guidance.

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Ulysses Lepe - Father of Justice Lepe Cadet Driver in the USA

"After trying other driving coaches with no success, I approached Terence to give my son Justice some coaching lessons for his driving in the Cadet class. With Terence's help using Onboard Video Training and Coaching, Justice's driving techniques have skyrocketed and improved tremendously with only his first Coaching session. Terence was able to quickly analyze Justice's driving style and make the necessary corrections needed to improve Justice's driving techniques.

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Rick Scott - Father of Scottish Honda Cadet Champion


When Terence was working with us, his driver coaching was invaluable, giving Chloe the confidence to brake later, and try overtaking moves that she would otherwise not have looked at. Her race starts improved greatly after discussing things with Terence, and she really liked being able to finish a test session, and discuss every part of every corner in great detail with him, and get the answers she needed to the driving questions she had.

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Ken Epps - Father of Rotax Max Front-Runner Michael Epps

Michael spent a day with Terence at Rye House a few years ago whilst in Junior Rotax. Although Michael had some experience at Rye, he had never won so that day was a definite turning point for him. Terence’s skill is not just about giving instruction – he was able to show Michael how to think in the kart and try different lines and racing tactics for himself. Above all it gave him loads of confidence which was plainly visible. Michael is now in Senior Rotax and competing at the highest level and he keeps in regular contact with Terence.

Ken Epps


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Phil Harrison - Father of Lee Harrison J TKM

"Having gone into Junior TKM at a very young age my son  Lee soon had fair pace but was uncomfortable with overtaking (even if the kart he was coming up to was slower) In one full day at Whilton Mill Terrence showed Lee some techniques in Kart control particularly used  under heavy Braking into a corner and following through to the corner exit .

Lee found this  difficult to do at first as he was having to multitask  several new things all at once . It was amazing to see how well it worked when Lee put everything together.  Terence was able to explain how this worked which grabbed both of our attention.  After more practice Lee mastered this new style perfectly and now drives  this way naturally allowing him to concentrate more on his race craft.  "

Phil Harrison - Father of Lee Harrison Jnr TKM


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Martyn Lyell - TKM and Formula Blue Winner

"The coaching I received from Evenflow was fantastic. Not only did it improve my confidence, passing, lines and lap times, it showed me techniques which I used in every single race and practice, even when I raced cars!

If it wasn't for Evenflow's coaching I wouldn't be able to do the lap-times Ii can now, or gain the advantage through traffic over other drivers that I now have. Evenflows coaching is a must have for all level of drivers, novice to the most experienced."


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