Who Else Wants to Get Their Technique and Focus Absolutely Nailed.... with Mastermind Strategies that Deliver Shocking Results



"Things have been really great for Nolan since you spoke. When they got that seat placement correct it was like a whole different driving experience for him!

Thanks so much for everything - you are such a ray of light to work with!" Beth Ebel-Ruocco - Parent of Nolan Ruocco - F-Series Champion USA



Let's be clear, the best drivers don't turn up to race meetings thinking "hmmm, will I be fast this weekend? I wonder what will happen this time"


No they show up thinking:-


"Right, I know exactly how I'm gunna drive every corner on this track down to every little crack and tyre mark.  I know why I will be quick and I'm damn certain nobody else has a strategy like mine!'


If you aren't heading to the track, straining at the leash like a rabid dog ready to deliver all of hell's fury on the opposition, then in my opinion you ain't ready!....


Because you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be going up against at least one driver who is absolutely clear on his purpose, on how he is going to leave the rest of the field standing and wondering why the hell they bother.


You can be the driver arriving at the grid with a point to prove, and 100% ready to deliver when it counts!


Here's how I can help you  get ready to deliver a dazzling performance for your next race.

  • Make sure you clearly understand the techniques required to be fast.
  • Deal with doubts and uncertainties about racing tactics so that you explode from starts and make passes without hesitation.
  • Develop your driving plan to the point where you know the track so perfectly that mistakes are impossible.
  • Identify reasons for any driving problems and develop rock solid strategies that obliterate those problems into far away memories.



"We carefully planned the weekend ahead and spent time visualising the track in preparation for the race ahead.  This was putting me ahead of my competition before we drove out of the dummy grid. This mental focusing before each race weekend continues to be very important to me as it always helps me get into the right mindset for the race." Shea Pearce Top  Junior TKM driver



Are You Interested?


If you are serious about success in motor sport you already know that racing is a mind-game business, and you will have made up your mind that you are ready to go....

Here's whats on offer:-


"The 1 Hour Kart Driver Tune Up"


If you think you can get significant benefit from a 1 hour consultation (most drivers find they do), where we can dive right in to your kart driving issues, we can get together on the phone or online. We will come up with practical steps to make sure you head to your next event knowing exactly how you're going to succeed, and with a sure-fire plan that you believe in.


Here's how it works


First you drop me an email outlining where you feel things are going exactly right.  That gets my neurons fired up in advance, and I'll be ready for you with ideas and questions that means our conversation gets off to a flying start.


Then we organise to get on the phone or online, and you get my undivided attention for the full hour.


Whatever the problem is we will pull it apart, and make certain we both understand exactly what's going on.


We can put together a step by step plan that resolves the problem, makes absolute sense to you and  really resonates with your motivations to race.....


You will feel understood,  fired up and  ready to rock and roll!


The plans and strategies we devise will be specific, designed to nail the problems you have and get the results you are looking for.


And don't expect lectures from me or sermons that will demoralise and humiliate you....That is not the way I operate - I respect the drivers I work with, especially the ones smart enough to get this kind of access to my help and use it.




"Full Immersion - Go Deep into Kart Driving Analysis"


This will make us a team, with full immersion you get unlimited access via phone, email, online - effectively we are joined at the hip for 3 months.  This gives us the chance to really dig deep into everything that makes you tick as a driver.


We will be creating detailed driving plans, then reviewing the results.  We will be able to tune your approach, develop and continuously improve your preparation and technique.


We'll be studying onboard video and  your data - constantly coming up with new ways for you to go faster.  My clients on this plan learn that there are no limits to the improvements that we find together.


In effect we will be at the cutting edge of driver development, with you at the centre. We will be pushing each others limits, and you will be put on an accelerated learning curve like you never experienced before.


I want this high level input - where do I start?


To get started on the 3 month full immersion plan, simple use the pay button below and we can get right into it straight away.



3 Months Full Immersion  Unlimited Access with Terence via phone, messenger, Skype, email etc - £1000 GBP







Any questions - email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use my chat box on the bottom right of every page.


"Terence’s calming nature enables him to communicate clearly with the driver and without the heated exchange often seen between father and son. I’m not quite sure how he does this but it’s a skill that most fathers including myself should take note of and try to learn." Mike Pearce - Karting Dad




" In q1 I was first by nearly 1 second, q2 I got pole by 0.5 seconds, this is almost all down to the fact I had a clear plan of what I needed to do at every corner while everyone else was still experimenting.... I have never been in the zone in the wet for that long before and I am sure it was due to our chat and the plans I made. I won by 8 seconds in the end and I am now the 2013 Man of steel champion :D . I did not feel nervous the whole day thanks to you, and I felt supremely confident leading up to the race. I would like to thank you again because I don't think I would have done so well without your help." Piers Prior