Eliminating The Ultimate Overtaking Sin – The Half Move


What drives parents and teams mental more than anything else is when a driver pulls alongside another driver to overtake, and then backs out at the last moment. Then from being off the racing line they lose loads of time, take a whole lap to catch up again and then guess what..... they make the same half move again, lose the same amount of time only to catch up and not pass again!



It gets even worse when the half move costs your driver so much time that they lose places to slower drivers behind them. Nothing creates more tension between drivers and their team than making half moves and pulling out of them, yet the solution is pretty straight forward.


Here's one way I deal with the spectre of the half move. I institute overtaking rules of engagement. Each of these rules have to be fulfilled before an overtaking move is attempted.


The Overtaking Rules of Engagement

  1. The move must be planned at least two corners in advance.
  2. The move must be made at one of three pre-designated overtaking corners.
  3. If you are not 100% committed and certain to making the pass, you must follow the kart ahead and stay on the racing line.

Here's what happens when drivers adhere to these rules.

  • First of all they stop losing time making half moves that never work anyway.

  • Drivers are forced into planning overtaking moves well in advance so they have a far better chance of success.

  • Nervous drivers don't put themselves into vulnerable positions on the track after making a half move, which avoids them being hit so often and creating more uncertainty.


Now you have a different problem, a driver who just sits behind a slower driver and only attempts to pass when the manoeuvre is as simple as passing on the straight. But that is something you can work on and through carefully building their confidence eventually they will start to make their moves.


But, if a driver continues to make half moves they will lose more and more confidence, be involved in many more crashes and start to lose the will to race.... which to me is a disaster!


So, if you are a driver who makes to many half moves, or if you are a parent whose driver does the same then outlaw the half move using my 'overtaking rules of engagement'. You then eliminate a lot of on track problems and you can concentrate on getting to the heart of the matter – confidence!

Terence Dove

EvenFlow Kart Driver Coaching