Training in the Techniques You Need to Win


"First of all you need to calm down, to get tranquility, and you need help.  You need to be assessed.  You need to have a competent group of people behind you.  Teaching you and giving the hints you need to try to reduce your mistakes" Ayrton Senna on what it takes to become a good racing driver here.


Training days at the track with Terence Dove are our premium service, where you benefit from having Terence's undivided attention and expertise.


What you can expect from live training with EvenFlow.

  • The root of your performance problems to be identified and understood quickly.
  • Your strengths as a driver to be reinforced.
  • Significant improvements in problem areas.
  • You understand exactly how you need to continue to improve.

Many drivers need no more than a single track day with Terence Dove to make the improvement gains they need to meet their goals.

Very often something simple like their braking technique can be modified in a day and bang, that's it and they are on the pace they need.


However, in cases where drivers have more complex issues, or their personal goals are for very high achievement, then the initial coaching day serves as a platform to build a program of improvement designed specifically to meet their objectives.


Get Started on Accelerating Your Karting Progress Now

Speak to Terence directly by calling 01536 799 008 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so we can talk in detail about how to solve your problems.


Requirements: The vast majority of drivers we work with at track days are owner drivers. Drivers are totally responsible for their own equipment and practice/ race fees etc.